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Faulty equipment can stop your pool from running economically and looking fantastic; the experienced staff at VTY Pool Mart can carry out all your pool equipment repairs or replacements with minimal fuss for you and your pools surrounding areas.

  • Pool lights – replacement of light fixtures and blown bulbs.
  • Pool filters – faulty filters will not filter the pools water properly. This can lead to excess use of chemicals to try and combat discoloration of water and increased algae growth. VTY Pool Mart recommends replacing damaged pool filters.
  • Pool pumps – regular maintenance of pool pumps can help to prolong the life of the pump and prevent any leaks occurring from faulty seals and bearings.
  • Cleaning system – repairs or replacement of the cleaning system and cleaning system components will keep your pool sparkling clean and free from debris.
  • Pool heaters – pool heating systems are slightly more complex than other pool equipment and only qualified technicians should repair or replacing this part of your pool equipment.
  • Leaky Pool Plumbing – Leaks in the pools plumbing will be found and repaired.
  • Salt Systems – repairs or replacement to your chlorine generator.
  • Electrical equipment such as plug in timers and solar controllers.
POOL MAINTENANCE Special Offer Sydney, VTY Pool Mart Sydney

1300 77 00 49
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POOL MAINTENANCE Special Offer Sydney, VTY Pool Mart Sydney
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